Life After Implant

It is expected that you will have many questions about breast implants before and after the operation, which is perfectly normal. It is no wonder that you wonder what your life will be like after the implant. The important point here; A conscious patient will have a successful surgical experience because he will know what to expect from a breast augmentation procedure.

Similarly, excitement and tension are expected before breast augmentation , which is perfectly normal. As the day of surgery approaches, it is natural to experience many thoughts and feelings. Once the operation is complete, there may be many things that you wonder and want to ask. However, it is recommended that you be comfortable. Because if you have chosen an experienced and qualified specialist, your surgeon will be there for you at every step, answer your questions and be ready to provide you with the most appropriate instructions.

As you prepare for the day of surgery, we have compiled the questions and answers you may have in mind.

How long does it take before I can exercise?

It is best not to rush to exercise. It is important to allow time for your body to heal. It is therefore highly recommended that you share your exercise plan with your doctor. Patients who have recently undergone breast implant surgery-about the intensity of physical activity amalı should not exercise without doctor's consent. As a result, healing varies from person to person. At your first check-up after breast augmentation, talk to your doctor about how the process is progressing and when you can return to the gym.

Which bra type should I prefer after implant?

The answer to this question is about personal preference. You should consult your doctor and find out which type of bra is best for meeting your needs.

How often should my doctor visit after the operation?

Controls are critical to the success of your surgery. Your surgeon will examine you to ensure that the breasts are healed correctly and that the implants are positioned as expected. The frequency of checks will depend on the speed of your recovery.

Breast augmentation can bring a different psychology to every woman. Generally, surgery provides greater self-confidence and a potentially healthier lifestyle. In short, life after implant means that you look at your body differently and appreciate your new look.

One of the most important things women need to know is that breast implants will not last forever and that a second surgery may be necessary to replace the original breast implants. However, you should know that if you choose the right surgeon, you will not have to worry about this experience. An experienced and qualified surgeon will strive for your health and well-being and ensure that this process goes smoothly.

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